As companies embrace digital transformation and the migration to cloud services they automatically start looking at ways to benefit from the migration in various ways.

Whether it’s the OPEX cost, savings through pay-per-use, minimizing high human capital overhead or migrating away from on-site applications, company execs are encouraged to introduce savings where possible and increase operational efficiency. These elements are always foremost in the mind of the board and investors, and it’s up to the management team to bring it to fruition. Running on-premise environments often inhibits businesses from realizing their true potential.

  • Companies have to divide their resources between their actual business and the support services leading to a divided attention and high overhead costs.
  • A large part of the overhead cost relates to Human Capital required to manage and maintain the services and costly CAPEX cost to purchase and maintain the hardware and applications required to run the business.
  • Technical resources required to support the highly specialized technical environment are hard to come by with a high migration rate.


HSM On Demand

Cost awareness is increasingly becoming a requirement in any business. One does not need to compromise on security just for the sake of saving, however a change in approach can ensure significant cost savings while at the same time ensure that you still have the same high-level security required to comply with the most stringent regulations and requirements.

Remote support services

Our skilled team of engineers is capable of supporting even the most intricate environments and is capable of performing this service on a 24/7/365 basis. Security and performance are at the forefront in anything they perform which ensures the customer can have piece of mind that the environment is in save, capable hands. You no longer need to be concerned about staff being absent, labour issues or unqualified staff. Simply leave it in our hands and rest assured that we have you covered.


A thorough understanding of the product is essential for the success of the business and technical resources are required to undergo frequent training and upskilling. We assist customers to develop their staff from a minimalistic baseline to become fully competent in the world of cryptographic and data protection solutions deployed in their environment.