Remote Support Services

With our team of qualified engineers we are able to monitor your critical HSM environment for any deviations that might occur.

Issues such as undue idling, maximum capacity rate, overclocking and even environmental changes that might have an impact on how your HSM’s operate are detected early on and addressed immediately.

Our team is able to perform all tasks remotely, outside of your data centres and offices thereby reducing your costs while delivering greater operational efficiency.

Worried about a faulty HSM?

Our team will detect anomalies on the HSM’s and rectify, report it to you or escalate it to the OEM to resolve within your set SLA time.

Let our team help manage your environment remotely. This is achieved through a secure connection to your HSM underpinned by smart card access control that enables us to perform key management, security configuration and software/license updates to be carried out. There is no need to even be involved.

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits that you can look forward to through our support include:

Lower Costs

The reduction in operating costs by eliminating the need to manage HSMs inside data centres


Easy scalability to support a large estate of HSMs deployed across multiple locations

24/7 Service

Providing a 24 x 7 management service even when local physical access to HSMs is not available

Seamless Operation

Seamless operations within the boundaries of your VPN, anti-virus software and firewalls

Convenient Monitoring

Implementing and following a convenient method for ongoing monitoring checks by our qualified staff

Don’t have the necessary staff with all the relevant
qualifications and experience, or simply not enough staff?

We manage and maintain the environment so you don’t have to!

  • Ongoing tracking of cryptographic hardware performance, individually and in clusters
  • Capacity overload warning in advance
  • Ongoing HSM health monitoring
  • Detailed reports on HSM utilization and performance
  • Bundled HSM configuration view for analysis and comparison
  • Remote management of your cryptographic hardware
  • PCI advisory services

Round the Clock Support

24/7/365 support from our global SOC team in South Africa and Mauritius, running leading cryptographic, data protection and digital signing technologies operated by highly skilled accredited security professionals.

Experienced Security Engineers

Learn from our first-hand experience. We have decades of combined experience. Consider us part of your extended team. Our engineers are on standby 24/7/365 to help you immediately should your devices fail or services gets interrupted.

Specialist Skills

Your team is already stretched to its limits. Balancing the challenges stemming from the need for a broad range of general skills with the requirement for specialist skills. The SecureKey Group specialists can monitor your crypto environment around the clock.

Expert Advice

Receive expert advice in managing Crypto HSM configurations, changes and migrations. With our around the continent representation we co-ordinate change windows out-of-hours and across different time zones.