Training is key for the development of internal resources in any organisation.

Our courses are structured at helping the delegate understand the environment they are working in as well as develop a better comprehension and qualification in the technology involved in their field of expertise.

Whether you are new to the cryptographic environment, need to understand certain of the features better or want to obtain the relevant certification, we cater for your needs in our training courses. Our training courses can be hosted on site or at our Head Office, in Mauritius with its tranquil life and serene location.

Training is delivered as two separate certification programmes:

The Basic Introduction to Cryptography Certification Course

This course provides an overall theoretical introduction to the world of cryptography and exposure to the different types of encryption hardware concepts. It also looks at key lifecycles and why you need it and lastly what the various regulatory requirements and standards entails and the importance to the organisation to follow its prescripts.

Training is key for the development of internal resources in any organisation.

This course provides in-depth technical training on specific encryption and data protection product types with a combination of theoretical sessions and lab practice. These courses are presented onsite, online (depending on the product), or quarterly on site at our location in Mauritius.

Whether you only want to understand the world of crypto application for the purpose of managing your team, intend specializing more in depth in one of our solutions or undergo the full spectrum of training, our outstanding training offering will suit your every need.

Course structure

A well balanced combination of data protection principles and practical hands-on workshops (where applicable) ensures the delegate has maximum exposure to understand the concept and solution.

Course result

Trained and informed delegates are enabled to increase performance in their own environments while decreasing risk of exposure to the customer. Accelerate deployment of solutions and increase the security and scalability of the systems on which your organization depends.

Course requirement

Whether new to the environment, management or technical support, all delegates are exposed to the various cryptography levels to benefit from the course.


Students who pass the relevant Professional Certification exam receives an OEM approved certificate.